Company Goal

Supplier of Sunlight Readable and hi-bright panels

This is the home of panels with high Brightness (hi-brite or hi-Bright or high Brightness) with LED backlight and Sunlight Readable monitors and LCD panels.

Displaze Inc, represents several leading manufacturers of TFT LCD and other Flat Panel Products. Displaze Inc is an independent company incorporated in the state of Nevada in USA. It's headquarter is in Reno and has a sales office in Canada. Displaze is a reliable supplier of different kind of TFT/STN/TV /flat panel, Industrial LCD, Computer Monitors, Controllers and Driver Cards, Chassis, Digital Medial Player, Indoor LCD Panel, Outdoor LCD Panel, SBCs, Sunlight Readable LCD (Very High Brightness) (VHB), Touch Screens, and Water proof LCDs.

Our company is one of the leading suppliers of sunlight readable (sun-readable) or as some may call it sunlight-readable panels with brightness in the range of 750nits to 2500nits.

To find best TFT Panel price search our panel database. Choose your configurations according to your requirements and see what panels we can offer you. You can also contact our experienced sales people for advice on best price and solutions for hi-brite (sometimes also called High-Brightness) panels that can be read in Sunlight (sun readable), high-contrast panels, multi-touch screens, industrial LCD panels with LED back light or CCFL lighting. We can also advice on best driver card and controllers and chassis. As a supplier of AUO panels for industrial applications, like Kiosk, digital signage, embedded applications, billboard advertising, gaming, marine etc, we can provide a suitable panel and offer total integration.

If you want to see further LCD panel products details or compare different panels, just log in or register on our site if you have not previously done so.

We have designed and built many systems over the years as part of our service to provide customers with the complete solution. Chassis fall in to three main categories:

  • Open Frame LCD, optional Touch and driver electronics all mount on a simple frame enabling integration into OEM products.
  • Chassis LCD, optional Touch and driver electronics enclosed completely, essentially an industrial monitor which is designed to be mounted in the open or integrated.

Panel Mount LCD, optional Touch and driver electronics again enclosed but designed to be mounted on a wall or flat surface. This includes Panel PC products which include some form of integrated processing resource such as an SBC or Mini-ITX main board. Since development of these products is done as a customised service to our customers please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to discuss this with you.

Displaze Inc also is the main distributor of Litemax, a manufacturer of High Brightness LED Backlight LCD and IPCs in USA. Our VHB backlight and sunlight readable LCD display technology range from 800nits to 2000nits. The core technology is based on the VHB (Very High Brightness) backlight and LCD. Currently, VHB LCD has been applied successfully in several industries such as LCD-TV, automobile TV, multimedia LCD monitor, ATM & Kiosk display, outdoor sun-light readable display, marine display, military display and panel wall display.

Hi- bright Panel is used in many different industries such as:

  • Transportation
    • Car
    • Marine
  • Digital Signage
    • Panel Wall
    • Store advertising
    • Gas Pump
  • Industrial Display Applications
  • HMI
    • kiosk
    • ATM
  • Mobile Application
  • Medical Application


Very High Brightness or Sunlight Readable technology has also been emphasized in the advertising industries. Shining and interaction features both make digital signage a perfect tool to attract audience.

Litemax is the only sunlight readable panel provider with brightness up to 2000 nits and best viewing Angle LCD compare to regular LCD products. Our indoor panel and outdoor panel range from:

  • VHB (Very High Brightness) LCD Backlight Technology
  • LED Backlighted VHB LCD (Sunlight Readable LED Backlight)
  • AOT (Advanced Optibond Technology)
  • Platform
  • Accessories


Our HB ( Hi-Bright LCD panels) come with:

  • Enhanced Contrast Ratio, Reduce Reflection
  • Vandal-Proof, vibration absorbed
  • Against All Weather, no more foggy screen between LCD glass Sunlight Readable
  • 400-500nits works screen similar to transflective
  • No Extra Power Consumption
  • No Extra heat generation
  • Best price
  • Best Lead time
  • Best support


We can be your partner from the beginning of a project and help you make informed selection by providing you with information on potential products and their availability and pricing. Lead-time can be a major issue for prototyping we can help here too. When it comes to integration and production volumes we can offer you one of the best prices in the market and service.

Displaze technical team is capable of producing technology demonstrators for your proof of concept and market research. Use of the latest programming environments enable us to provide rapid turn around of ideas which is critical in today's fast moving, competitive markets. Don't let project implementation delays loose your window of opportunity.


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