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D2G & Displaze sign distribution deal for Video Products range

Release Date:

20th Feb 2010  
D2G has appointed Displaze as distributor for it's range of Video products including their Catx extenders.
Specializing in the professional markets for Display systems and peripheral components Displaze is an ideal partner for the D2G.

D2G provides a diverse range of VGA, DVI, HDMI, and RS232 extenders. These distribution systems transmit Audio and Video signals over Cat5/5e/6 cable. DVI and HDMI series are fully HDCP compliant. D2G offers the perfect for Digital Signage extension to display high resolution with crystallized image, as wells as easy to maintain at a lower installation cost. RS232 Extender can centralize PC and servers in a secured setting and fulfill multi-purpose application. Not only does it provide a more accurate signal, but it is also easy to install. These solutions are suitable for reseller carriers, professional installers, and home users as well.


Product Range

D2G's product range includes Extenders, Splitters, Switches and Conversion boxes for most Video and Audio standards used by the professional AV installer and reseller. The range of Extenders enables the sending of video and images over greater distances than would normally be possible. Using low cost CatX UTP cabling is ideal for the Digital Signage industry enabling to cost reduction of complex installations with multiple displays.

Typical Product Features

  • Low Cost CATx Cabling options
  • Composite and Component Options
  • FHD & HD, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i supported
  • Send Video up to 1000ft
D2G works extensively with experts in their respective fields both locally and in the far east to provide best value for money off the shelf products and OEM solutions should they be required.

For more information, please contact Displaze as indicated below

Displaze Inc., 4790 Caughlin Pkwy #233, Reno NV 89519, U.S.A.

Tel.: +1 (775) 827 6404     email:


About Displaze

Displaze specialize in the distribution of systems and components utilizing flat panel display technology and is the Distributor and representative several world leaders in sunlight readable displays. Component products available include TFT-LCD and customized Flat panels, a wide range of processing platforms, touch sensors and controllers (resistive, capacitive, acoustic properties and infra-red) and specialist semiconductors for use in display applications. Systems integration and design services are offered to OEMs requiring the incorporation of component products and software. Examples of items produced include bespoke POS, internet and public information displays including the design and build of mechanical, electronic and software systems.

About Digitogo

Founded in 2007 with experts in the AV sector, Digitogo (D2G) is the quickest way to your Digital Signage solutions. D2G surveys the professional audio/video market to find the most updated information technology available.

Digitogo ventures into different areas such as high definition video extension and integration of broadcasting systems. D2G embraces the leading edge technology in Switchers, Splitters, Extenders, Conversion Boxes, and also high quality cables. Our mission is to accomplish your goal in the most sensible and cost effective way.

We strive to grow and progress with our customers step-by-step into the digital realm from "Digital to Global".


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Tel.: +1 (775) 827 6404     email:

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Displaze Inc., 4790 Caughlin Pkwy #233, Reno NV 89519, U.S.A.
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